About Polypal

From its origins as a supplier to the retail sector in the early 1990’s, Polypal has not only strengthened its position in this field but also extended its capability in other related areas.

The company’s expertise reflects both the supply of proven, high quality equipment and support services and also an understanding of the specific needs of each market sector.

Users in all areas can therefore be sure that they are benefiting from one of the best established and most experienced suppliers in both the UK and Europe.

Polypal's services include a high level of support in the design of new and innovative equipment alongside an ability to react to specialised needs - especially in terms of product display.

The result is an extensive customer list that blends long term partnerships with those who require individual ad-hoc solutions to storage and display needs.

An awareness of the specific needs of large and small retailers alike - and the precise type of product and service support required - is at the heart of the company's success.

Polypal offers the optimum combination of product quality, design, dedicated support teams and stockholding as well as a proven installation capability and after sales service.



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