Builders Merchant growth continues – with a little help from Polypal

Polypal Display and Storage Systems and expertise - central to major builders merchants increased success.

The major success being achieved across the Midlands and South East by builders merchants, EH Smith has gained significantly from the equipment versatility and design support from display and storage specialist, Polypal.  To date, the company has installed a wide range of its systems in several of EH Smith’s nine outlets as part of its three-year development programme, reflecting the merchant’s aims of increasing stockholding and enhancing its display and merchandising capability.

“The EH Smith flagship store in Shirley, near Solihull, is a prime example,” says Nigel Royston-Webb, Business Development Manager at Polypal.  “Here, an initial 400 sq. m. of trade counter and adjacent display area has leapt to 2,500 sq. m. with a commitment to self-selection clearly in evidence.  Integrated shelving and racking system designs are central to this approach and not only help to optimise the interface with customers, but also provide EH Smith with the versatility to adapt the installation, if needed.”

The move has also helped the builders’ merchants to expand its 13,000 product lines by a further 2,000 – a key factor in helping to achieve the objective of increasing collection customers by some 30%.

Polypal’s display and storage solution at Shirley is centred on its Integrated shelving system.  This provides a range of shelving positions and dimensions inside a common frame design which can also accommodate specialist areas such as vertical storage and baskets.  An extensive choice of products – from screws and electrical components to paint and brooms – can, therefore, be readily placed for self-selection in the main trade counter area.

“We worked closely with EH Smith to ensure that all products are on display for self-selection, from small fixings to larger items,” adds Nigel Royston-Webb.  He also draws attention to the racking height that has been specified, to allow high level shelving to be used as an over-stock facility.  Doors have been added here, both to improve appearance and also to provide a branding opportunity for EH Smith’s key supply partners. 

“We have also opened up previously ‘behind the scenes’ warehouse areas to enable customers to select larger or heavier-end building products,” comments Mark Mallinder, Marketing Director at EH Smith.  “Polypal’s involvement is also clearly evident here – both in terms of its racking installation and also with specialist facilities such as its A-frame systems for our door storage and selection area.”    

The process of expansion and development being undertaken by EH Smith represents a major step forward for the company.  “This is highlighted by its ‘Proper Builders use Proper Builders Merchants’ marketing stance and endorsed by its achievement of an award for the Best Strategic Planning and Management of a Campaign at the Construction Marketing Awards,” adds Nigel Royston-Webb

“Echoing this we believe that this is a ‘Proper Polypal’ display and storage solution because it demonstrates our Integrated system being used to deliver highly effective and versatile results.  We are delighted to have been so heavily involved with such a significant and ongoing project,” he concludes.

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“The versatility of the Polypal concept means that we can easily reconfigure each bay to suit the changing needs of specific ranges...

...from Integrated Gondola bays for multi-product displays to heavier duty bays to accommodate building materials. Additionally, we have dedicated ‘promotional-ends’ built into the layout, which we can readily adapt to support specific sales activity.”

Nigel Wright
Operations Director, Stax

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