Grant & Stone award fit-out contract to Polypal

Grant & Stone now operates some 14 outlets in and around the Home Counties and the National Buying Group (NBG) member’s latest expansion plans included the opening of a new builders’ and decorators’ trade counter in High Wycombe along with a dedicated electrical supplies outlet in Hemel Hempstead.

Located in a purpose-designed building, the High Wycombe facility is a key element of a new site with the move providing the company with more than four times the space of its previous corresponding facility in the town, and operates in conjunction with three other outlets in the Buckinghamshire market town which focus on plumbing, bathroom fittings and electrical supplies.

Polypal’s involvement in this trade counter installation included both wall and low level gondolas, pallet racking, a mezzanine safety gate and innovative pigeon hole racking that is designed to hold large stocks of lengthy material within a minimum footprint. Elsewhere on the site, which has seen Grant & Stone convert a number of existing buildings as part of the relocation project, racking — including A-frame, pallet racking and cantilever racking — is located at key positions to stock a range of materials from timber boards to plastic pipework.

“Through our involvement with NBG, we were aware of Polypal’s involvement in this sector and were able to speak to a number of organisations who already gain from the company’s expertise and systems,” commented Darren House, Grant & Stone’s Marketing and Design Manager. “This, linked to the company’s knowledge, design capability and — of course — price competitiveness, made the decision to appoint Polypal for a large element of the storage and display installations clear cut.

“The full trade counter fit-out took just four days, with a similar timeframe required for Polypal’s involvement in other areas of the yard,” continued Darren. “As a result, we believe we now have a larger, more efficient and extremely versatile facility — to the benefit of both our trade and DIY customers in the area.

”John Drake, Polypal’s Business Development Manager highlighted a number of the key aspects to the development of the trade counter building project. He said: “Part of our advice was to take full advantage of the three-metre height of the trade counter area so that displays and stocking to 2.1 metres could be achieved — originally a suspended ceiling was being considered, which clearly would have reduced the available height.

“Additionally, we were able to use our standard racking systems to create a bespoke design to provide the pigeon hole facility, which has optimised the storage of lengthy materials without unnecessary impact on the available floor area,” added John, also pointing out that the storage and display installations throughout are designed to be readily reconfigured, if required.

Grant & Stone’s new electrical supplies operation in Hemel Hempstead is located directly opposite the merchant’s existing plumbing supplies outlet in the town and the facility comprises a trade counter with a two-level storage facility directly behind. It is in the latter area that the Polypal involvement has been extensive — not just with the supply and installation of a range of storage systems, but also with the creation of a mezzanine ‘over-sailing’ floor. By supporting the floor with the ground level racking instead of independent steel work, costs are reduced whilst making a significant contribution to maximising the storage capability within the premises.

“The mezzanine structure has been built in part from Polypal’s racking systems at ground level and continues over the trade counter area to give a clear space below,” explained Branch Manager Mark Lawes. “This has given us more than double the amount of ground level storage space without the need for extensive structural work.

The design of the building offered significant roof height and we are delighted that the storage installation has been able to make the most of this asset.” At ground level, Polypal installed Euro-shelving, Longspan shelving and A-Frame racking, which provides highly durable and space-efficient storage options across Grant & Stone’s stock list — and once again, versatility has been built into the shelving system design should layout configuration requirements change in the future. Additionally, a cable drum facility that occupies the full two-level wall height along one side of the building has been installed to provide rapid, simple access to a wide variety of cable diameters.

“This is an important step forward for us in the area, and the developments at Hemel Hempstead represent the latest in an ongoing commitment to branch development and growth, which has been a key factor of our business in recent years,” reveals Darren House. “We believe our focus on service, range and knowledge has allowed us to build an enviable reputation over almost 25 years for the supply of a wide range of building materials — from heavyside and plumbing to bathroom fittings and decorating products. Electrical equipment has been an important additional element in this mix.

“We are confident that the opening now of a dedicated, electrical equipment outlet in one of the key towns in the region will help us gain further business in the area, and we are delighted to have been able to work with Polypal to ensure that the storage efficiency and capacity on site are both maximised,” Darren concludes.

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“In the new covered area, cantilever racking has been installed in the two side wings, with A-frame storage available in the centre...

...In each case, the focus is on storage of timber and sheet materials, so optimising accessibility and versatility were, again, the key objectives behind the layout’s design.”

Geoff Dobbs
Manager, RGB

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