New DIY and Garden Centre gains from Polypal display systems

From 'concept to completion' - Polypal Display and Storage cabability brings key benefits to new DIY and garden outlet.

A major new DIY and garden centre has now opened its doors in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, and is benefitting significantly from Polypal display and storage systems and the company’s acclaimed ‘Concept to Completion’ design methodology.  The purpose-built, 28,000 sq.ft. premises, opened by Masseys, comprises two retail floors and marks the ongoing success of the well-established local retailer.  It is also seen as an excellent example of Polypal’s system versatility and the company’s commitment to working closely with the customer to meet precise in-store objectives. 

“The principal aims ranged from increasing capacity from the company’s previous site, both in terms of display opportunities and aisle sizes, to maximising product visibility and identification,” says Nigel Royston-Webb, Business Development Manager at Polypal.  “These objectives were fully addressed by our ‘Concept to Completion’ approach which enables a series of both plan-view and 3D CAD illustrations, which provide a range of highly accurate views from selected site positions, to be created.  The combination of gondola shelving, pallet racking and display facilities can thus be specified most effectively.  

“The design tool enables key elements, such as ceiling height, perimeter layouts and the relationship between gondolas and aisle dimensions to be readily visualised ahead of construction, with any adjustments made before build work begins,” explains Nigel Royston-Webb.  He points out that the method is particularly useful where multiple floor levels are involved – as is the case at Masseys. 

The resultant installation versatility is enhanced via a choice of accessories, ranging from hooks and inverted shelves to plain or perforated back panels, baskets and dividers.  “Importantly, Masseys can also readily manage the shelving configuration themselves to make changes and alterations when needed,” adds Nigel Royston-Webb.

The Polypal designs on both floors have been installed to optimise product display, space utilisation – particularly between structural support columns – and customer movement around the store.  “In some cases, with the gondola installations, this pointed towards just single back-to-back bays and end display units while, in others, runs of up to six bays have been installed,” continues Nigel Royston-Webb.  

The Masseys project represents a significant step forward for the family-run organisation and has helped to address many of the inevitable issues associated with success and growth that could have arisen at the former site.  Typically, this included the need to increase capacity – the new store can now accommodate some 20,000 product lines – and to optimise the customer interface.  

“On both floor levels, there was close liaison between our own management team and Polypal’s designers to ensure that the display and storage facilities worked hand-in-hand with the physical structure and layout of each floor,” comments Andrew Massey, Company Director at Masseys DIY who, recently recognised as ‘Young Retailer of the Year’, is well placed to oversee this major project. “The ‘Concept to Completion’ method reflects our belief that the initial design and planning stages for a project of this type and size are as important as the subsequent fit-out and, in both respects, we are delighted with the support and help we have received from the team at Polypal.”

With a further key requirement of the new display and storage layout focussing on merchandising, every aspect of the Polypal facility is set to help Masseys DIY and Gardening not only to make the most of the new store opening, but also to help continue the organisation’s current growth long into the future.

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“In the new covered area, cantilever racking has been installed in the two side wings, with A-frame storage available in the centre...

...In each case, the focus is on storage of timber and sheet materials, so optimising accessibility and versatility were, again, the key objectives behind the layout’s design.”

Geoff Dobbs
Manager, RGB

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