New Trade Showroom Gains From Polypal’s Comprehensive Capability

A ‘universal display capability’ from Polypal is now benefiting one of the South West’s leading catering, cleaning and ironmongery trade supply organisations. The facility at Pattersons’ new Bristol showroom gains from a variety of display systems and designs – all available from the one supplier. The project is the latest in an extensive list of successful retail and trade display installations completed by Polypal.

The new 11,000 sq. ft. showroom, now adjacent to Pattersons’ own distribution warehouse, can accommodate up to 12,000 individual lines across a broad range of products – from industrial and agricultural ironmongery to catering and cleaning supplies. With a marketplace that therefore runs from farms on the one hand to cafés and restaurants on the other, the need for supply versatility and display variety is paramount. These are vital requirements that are now reflected by the Polypal design.

“Polypal has installed a series of gondola units with display areas at each end together with further display and high level storage around the perimeter of the showroom,” comments Pattersons’ Managing Director, Chris Patterson.

“Additionally, the company has supplied and installed a number of lockable, glass-fronted cabinets – ideal, for example, for the storage of knives. The main display facility also features a combination of shelving, clips, hooks and wire and chain dispensers – thus giving us ‘universal solutions’ and complete flexibility for the full range of product lines that we stock,” he adds.

The durable and versatile gondola design is matched by Polypal’s ‘Minipal’ system that runs around the perimeter areas. Here, display shelves up to a height of 2.2 metres are topped by storage cupboards to an overall height of 3 metres, enabling Pattersons both to house products for re-loading of the shelves below and to take advantage of high level display surfaces as and when required.

“One of the key factors with the project was the need to fit in with other services and facilities as they were installed at the site,” comments Polypal’s Business Development Manager, John Drake. “We were able to adapt our delivery and installation scheduling very quickly to meet short term alterations in planning which was an important consideration for Pattersons.”

This is echoed by Chris Patterson who also draws attention to another key factor behind the decision to specify the Polypal equipment – “After looking at alternatives, we felt Polypal not only offered the range and experience that we required but also both a product design and versatility that we believe fully matches the professional trade image for which Pattersons has a leading reputation,” he says. “The decision to relocate to more accessible premises slightly ‘out of town’, and to fit them out with state of the art equipment, is already being well received by our trade customers,” he concludes.Polypal has installed a series of gondola units with display areas at each end together with further display and high level storage around the perimeter of the showroom

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“In the new covered area, cantilever racking has been installed in the two side wings, with A-frame storage available in the centre...

...In each case, the focus is on storage of timber and sheet materials, so optimising accessibility and versatility were, again, the key objectives behind the layout’s design.”

Geoff Dobbs
Manager, RGB

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