Polypal racking design helps Stax make the most of its new trade centre in Leeds

The recent opening of the largest Stax trade centre facility – at Morley in Leeds – is set to build on the organisation’s continuing success in its field, and replaces premises it has had in the city for some 15 years. As with the company's other locations, in Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester, it is committed to extensive stockholding and an unmatched choice across a wide range of products that include DIY, housewares, gardening, electrical, timber and building supplies.

Following similar installations at its other premises, the new Leeds site now also benefits from an extensive racking facility designed and installed by Polypal. Not only does this meet both long term and day-to-day operational requirements, it also reflects the sales and promotional flexibility that is at the heart of the Stax success story.

The 78,000 sq. ft. selling area features back-to-back racking arranged in up to 21 bays across 18 aisles, with the facility also benefiting from a central forklift access aisle to speed truck movement. The Polypal design has had to meet a combination of requirements at site as John Drake, Business Development Manager at the company, explains –

“The layout includes some 600 selling bays, from ground level to a height of 2.5 metres to create a consistent eye-line, with 3,500 overstocked pallet positions above to the full seven metre height of the facility. Promotional ends are also provided on each racking run to provide 60 locations where Stax can highlight specific product lines or offers which it wishes to bring to the attention of its customers,” he continues. “These are purpose-designed units that match the overall design of the racking and are typically re-merchandised by Stax on a monthly basis.”

The entire installation is supplemented by 200 additional pallet positions in the goods inwards area and a similar number of galvanised racking locations in the external yard where a range of building materials are also located.

“Significantly, each of the selling bays can be configured on an individual basis,” comments Nigel Wright, Stax Operations Director. “They can, for example, provide either multiple shelving levels or specific display facilities – providing us with a maximum degree of versatility which is vital given the high levels of stocking and the range of products and materials that we sell.”

The project has also gained from the key role Polypal has taken in the management team that oversaw the total installation of the storage and display facility on site. In conjunction with the builders, the architects and, of course, Stax themselves, it was acknowledged at an early stage that the number of storage and display locations – and the ease with which customers could move around the site to access their required order – was paramount. “These are factors which centred on the Polypal equipment and layout design with the building itself designed around the racking layout,” adds Nigel Wright.

Polypal’s Sales and Marketing Director, John Youle endorses this point – “This was a fundamental consideration and demonstrates that the success of our involvement arises from much more than the racking equipment itself. The result is a facility which not only provides Stax with a layout that is both logical yet versatile but also helps each customer make the most of their visit to site – clearly important in such a highly competitive field.”

With up to 40,000 lines procured from no less than 1,000 suppliers in each Stax outlet, the organisation is clearly a major player in its field – a position that is demonstrated by recent annual sales growth of some 20%. Now, with the benefit of Polypal’s design experience and installation capability, the new operation at Leeds is well set to build on this success both in the immediate and long term future.

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“The versatility of the Polypal concept means that we can easily reconfigure each bay to suit the changing needs of specific ranges...

...from Integrated Gondola bays for multi-product displays to heavier duty bays to accommodate building materials. Additionally, we have dedicated ‘promotional-ends’ built into the layout, which we can readily adapt to support specific sales activity.”

Nigel Wright
Operations Director, Stax

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