This system is designed to provide maximum stock density accessibility and presentation of long or irregular items such a timber or steel.

With heights up to 10 metres and arm lengths ranging from 500mm to 1500mm, most applications can be met with standard components.

Cantilever arms are available either as a bolted system or infinitely adjustable systems.  All bases are bolt fixed to improve flexibility for layout changes.

A full range of accessories is available including stock retainers, and rack protection systems.

Rack Clad Option

An additional option with cantilever is to create a rack clad structure for weather protection.  This can either be a simple roof or a fully clad structure dependent upon the level of stock protection required.


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“The fact that the layout of the racking maximises capacity was one of the key reasons for specifying the Polypal equipment...

...but the design also allows us to provide our suppliers with an excellent display opportunity, ensuring that customers clearly see the wide product range available.”

Steve Parfett
Managing Director, Parfetts

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