Lighter in duty than Pallet Racking systems, Longspan racking is an ideal solution for situations where handloaded stocking is required.

Based on beams and frames, generally fitted with either steel or timber decking, storage of boxed or loose stock can be optimised.

The system can also be adapted for hanging garments and is an ideal stockroom storage solution.

This product range forms the basis of the Integrated Longspan System - perfect where a full merchandising offer is required.


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“The versatility of the Polypal concept means that we can easily reconfigure each bay to suit the changing needs of specific ranges...

...from Integrated Gondola bays for multi-product displays to heavier duty bays to accommodate building materials. Additionally, we have dedicated ‘promotional-ends’ built into the layout, which we can readily adapt to support specific sales activity.”

Nigel Wright
Operations Director, Stax

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