A mezzanine floor is basically a raised platform independent of your main building structure.

A Polypal mezzanine offers more space for either a front of house retail area or back of store stock storage.

Think of the Advantages

At the front of your store, a wide range of bespoke handrail and staircase options allows the mezzanine to be customised to suit your sales environment.  Your same premises will look bigger busier, more inviting, more profitable.

Back of store you get more storage capacity for stock in the minimum available space simply by using the height of your ceiling.  Greater storage capacity means fewer deliveries, and more time to develop your business your way.


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“The fact that the layout of the racking maximises capacity was one of the key reasons for specifying the Polypal equipment...

...but the design also allows us to provide our suppliers with an excellent display opportunity, ensuring that customers clearly see the wide product range available.”

Steve Parfett
Managing Director, Parfetts

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