Shelving Systems

Shelving Systems

Our retail shelving range is designed to offer hard-working, economic, and adaptable storage options that can be utilised in stockrooms and even on the shop floor.

Whether you have a small storeroom or large stockroom, our mobile shelving and static shelving products suit any retail environment and can be individually designed and tailored to meet your specific needs.

With our numerous industry accreditations, and sustainable products made right here in the UK, you can be confident that you’re in the hands of a trusted, experienced partner who understands your business and how to optimise your offering.

The right shelving will make an immediate and enduring difference to the way you use your space – expanding your capabilities with intelligent storage. All our shelving systems cover light, medium and heavy duty applications, making them suitable for every environment – with fantastic versatility.

What makes one of our shelving products so different is our market leading designs, product quality and our manufacturing know how, a result of our in-depth knowledge of shelving and the needs of our customers. You can choose from flexible modular systems or static standalone systems. A detailed site survey by our knowledgeable team will highlight your options – including solutions you might not previously have thought of.

Reflecting the importance of a hygienic workplace, all our shelving products are finished with ActiveCoat antimicrobial powder coating to minimise the risk of bacterial cross contamination.

Stormor Shelving

  • Multi-purpose, light to medium duty versatile range.
  • Interchangeable frame types, shelves, and accessories.
  • Standard colours incorporating ActiveCoat anti-bacterial protection.
  • Large range of parts and accessories for simple amendments or future relocation.
  • Can be used in collaboration with our mobile systems.

Euro Shelving

  • Designed for medium to heavy duty storage applications.
  • Flexible bay construction – ideal for environments where stored items can change.
  • Superior load bearing strength and rigidity with shelf clips – creates reliable support.
  • Add-on accessories allow for simple amendments or future relocation.
  • Standard colours incorporating ActiveCoat anti-bacterial protection.
  • Designed as multi-tier structure or used in collaboration with our mobile systems.

Longspan Shelving

  • For hand-loaded storage of heavy, large, or bulky items.
  • Beam system provides wider aperture bays compared to steel shelving.
  • Range of shelf types – steel, mesh, chipboard, and timber.
  • Bays can be tailored to meet exact storage requirements.
  • Standard colours.
  • Designed as multi-tier structure or used in collaboration with our mobile systems.

Stockrax Shelving

  • Simple, knock together, general purpose system offering access from all sides.
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Economic solution to many simple, everyday storage problems.
  • Available as standard or heavy-duty bays in a range of sizes.
  • Durable, hard-wearing, and functional.
  • Affordable way to increase storage capacity. You don’t have to compromise on your
  • Available in a range of colours.
  • Standard 18mm thick chipboard shelves, with other options available.
  • Options for garment hanging and designs with a range of workstations and benches.

Mobile Shelving

  • Maximises storage capacity.
  • Frees up space by an incredible 70%, when compared to conventional static options.
  • Floor, track, trackless, and operation options.
  • Service and maintenance contracts available (to PUWER standards).

Tiered Structures

  • Designed to maximise space on limited footprint.
  • Impressive levels of increased storage capacity.
  • One level solution to five additional – potential increased storage capacity 300%.
  • Allow full access to all shelf or SKU locations to streamline the picking process.
  • Scalable – adaptable to meet future needs as your business grows.


  • General purpose, hard-wearing, medium duty benches.
  • Multiple sizes to suit your application.
  • Range of colours.
  • Options on worktop type.
  • Allow additional shelf levels, above or below.
  • Easily constructed and adaptable in the future.
  • Design can include other accessories to help with storage or accessibility.


  • An extensive range of shelving accessories, designed to enhance your chosen shelving system.
  • Allow you to customise our shelving for a solution to all of your storage needs.
  • All designed with first-hand knowledge of the issues that face every industry.